The Cooling Bath, #7060, cools sample vials in a liquid bath that is chilled by the RCB. The unit requires basic “T-shaped” barb fittings and short lengths of tubing to connect into the RCB lines. Since it is cooled by the RCB, cooling will be to approximately -10°C.


The Cryo-Collector, #6846, provides colder temperatures for better collection of highly volatile compounds. We achieved approximately -50°C in our testing. It cools a single vial using tank CO2. The unit comes with a valve and steel tubing to connect into the CO2 supply lines. The brass barb fittings on the rear of the Cryo-Collector serve as CO2 outlets to prevent the cooling chamber from becoming pressurized, and may be connected to any suitable tubing for exhaust through a vent hood or directly through the room/building wall.


Both units can be used on any Spe-ed SFE-Prime, Spe-ed SFE-2, Spe-ed SFE-4, or Helix.


CryoCooler for Supercritical Fluid Systems

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