Pilot Scale Supercritical Systems
Pilot Scale Supercritical Systems
Take your process to the next level with a pilot system.
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Helix Supercritical Systems
Helix Supercritical Systems
Laboratory Supercritical Systems for Process Development
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Production Scale Supercritical Systems
Production Scale Supercritical Systems
Scale up and get to work with a production scale supercritial system.
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Laboratory Scale SCF Instruments
Laboratory Scale SCF Instruments
The Spe-ed SFE Series for the Laboratory: designed to meet the rigorous needs of day-to-day use in the research lab.
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Applied Separations

Leader in Supercritical Fluids and Separation Sciences

Reusing Disposable

Cleanroom Attire

-Safely cleaning it for use by Medical Staff and First Responders

ALLENTOWN, PA – March 30, 2020 - Located on Hamilton Street in downtown Allentown, across from the PPL building, Applied Separations, Inc. is a manufacturer of DNA-clinical kits, which are manufactured in ultra clean facilities where the workers must wear attire more stringently clean than surgical gowns.


These products are normally disposed of after every shift. “Considering the critical need for PPE (personal protection equipment), we experimented to see if these disposable gowns, booties, hair nets, masks could be reused.” These products are made from woven plastic (polypropylene) and can withstand temperatures high enough to destroy the coronavirus without degrading.


From its manufacturing experience, Applied Separations has discovered a method to sanitize the used gowns, by heating them in the company furnaces to 230o for an hour, and then putting them in labeled clean plastic bags. These scarce and much needed products are then picked up and used by medical staff and first responders, protecting both themselves and those they serve.


There are numerous other companies in the Lehigh Valley and around Pennsylvania that use disposable cleanroom attire. Applied Separations is eager to share its experience and knowledge with others so they may also find a solution to reuse their previously disposed-of clean room attire as well.


Applied Separations, Inc. is proud to be able to make a contribution at this very difficult time for all of us.



Solid Phase Extraction Consumables
Solid Phase Extraction Consumables
Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) consumables, including empty and filled cartridges, bulk sorbents, accessories and QuEChERS. Now ORDER ONLINE!
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DNA-Free Processing
DNA-Free Processing
Custom filling in certified, DNA-free clean room facilities.
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CO2 Flash Chromatography
CO2 Flash Chromatography
Environmentally Friendly Flash Chromatography with the NEW eCO2Chrom
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Applied Separations,Inc.

A Technology Company

with a Green Vision

for a Sustainable Future


Applied Separations builds Supercritical Fluid systems, develops emerging SCF markets, and supplies laboratory equipment to companies all over the world. We also share our knowledge with our clients, assisting in process development and R&D. With over 30 years of experience, Applied Separations has the depth of knowledge to revolutionize processes and change industries.

Whether your needs are for Supercritical Fluid Technology, Solid Phase Extraction Consumables, or CO2 Flash Chromatography, Applied Separations is perfectly positioned to solve your business and technology problems.


Our history and results speak for themselves.


Applied Separations, world leaders in Supercritical Fluids, Sample Preparation,

and CO2 Flash Chromatography.



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From extractions, to aerogels, to metal injection molding, and so much in between, Supercritical Fluids are being used more and more, effectively replacing petroleum-based solvents. With easy-to-use systems from Applied Separations, sustainability and a greener process has never been more attainable.


We manufacture Supercritical Fluid systems of all sizes, from bench-top to production scale. We can build a custom system for your process and your specific needs. From traditional to emerging applications, Applied Separations is the thought leader in Supercritical Fluids Technology.


Every Applied Separations system is unique to the customer because the needs of every customer are unique.


Applied Separations is a leader in solid phase extraction consumables, offering a wide variety of products ranging from empty and filled columns to oil and grease filters for EPA Method 1664A to custom filling in a DNA-free cleanroom.


Custom filling, a certified DNA-free clean room, Solid Phase Extraction consumables, Burst for clinical and diagnostic applications, and Xenosep Oil and Grease filters are all available from Applied Separations. We are your one-stop shop for your laboratory processing needs.



Environmentally Friendly, sustainlable Flash Chromatography. Lower solvent consumption / solvent waste. Faster separations.

CO2 Flash Chromatography

Environmentally Friendly Flash Chromatography with the
NEW eCO2 Chrom



Significantly lower solvent consumption

Lower solvent waste


Better performance

Faster separations

Quicker and easier recovery of separated compounds

Increased loading capacity

Greater flexibility in separation columns

 - Use smaller particle sizes

 - Different bonded phases

Faster Concentration



Experience in the Widest Breadth of Technologies and Markets

Just a few of the many areas where
Applied Separations has provided
sustainable supercritical solutions to its customers

Applied Separations has vision, depth and breadth of knowledge that you won’t find elsewhere in the Supercritical Fluids market. Rising to every challenge and exceeding expectations, we are finding sustainable solutions to business problems with forward thinking, green technology, and creativity.


Applied Separations, Inc.     930 Hamilton St., Allentown, PA 18101     610-770-0900