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Oil and Grease Filters for Method 1664A

Xenosep Oil and Grease SPE Filters set a new standard for performing EPA Method 1664A. The unique triple layer construction enables large amounts of particulate and soluble interferences to be filtered out in one pass. The easy to perform SPE method is less expensive and less cumbersome than hexane liquid/liquid extraction. Compared to other SPE brands, Xenosep easily filters the difficult samples faster

Completely Filter the Toughest Samples in 10 Minutes or Less

  • Comply with proposed rule to withdraw CFC methods - Meets approved EPA Method 1664A quality specifications
  • Compared to LLE, SPE saves time and money - Eliminates emulsions
  • Entry level technicians can easily process 8 samples/hour
  • Compatible with all automated and manual SPE systems - Including Bakerbond® SPEEDISKS®

Step 1: Prepare Sample


Acidify to pH < 2

Record volume or weight

Spike 40 mg/L PAR (Precision And Recovery)

Prepare Sample EPA Method 1664A

Step 2: Condition Filter


1 x 10 mL IPA

2 x 10 mL DI H2O

Keep filter wet

Discard waste

Condition Filter EPA Method 1664A

Step 3: Filter Sample


Vacuum > 15” Hg

Decant solid

Dry for 2 minutes

Prefilters optional

Filter Sample EPA Method 1664A

Step 4: Extract Filter


Vacuum < 5” Hg

3 x 10 mL Hexane

Rinse glassware thoroughly

Dry extract with Na2SO4

Drying device optional

Extract Filter EPA Method 1664A

Step 5: Distill Hexane


Set water bath to 85°C

Distill to last few drops

N2 purge for 15 seconds

Recover solvent

Distill Hexane EPA Method 1664A

Step 6: Weigh Extract


Pre-tare boiling flask

Dessicate to stable weight

Weigh to 0.1 mg

Weigh Extract EPA Method 1664A

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