Process Scale High Pressure Vessels

Putting the lid on a large scale high pressure supercritical fluid vessel

Whatever your SCF extraction/reaction needs, we have the extraction/reaction pressure vessel for the job. With the unique large oven capacity of the Spe-ed SFE systems, we have pressure vessels for multiple processing or large sample processing needs.


Pressure vessel sizes are determined by the needs of the customer - even up to 1000s of liters in production size systems.


All our stainless steel pressure vessels are rated for 10,000 psi. Endcaps and frits are included.

For process systems, vessels are custom sized to meet your needs. Production size vessels include the following features:


  • stainless steel
  • rugged covers and nut cap design
  • quick and easy connection of input and output ports
  • integral cover port for safety head with rupture disc
  • integral cover port for thermocouple to monitor internal vessel temperature
  • designed to meet ASME/ASTM standards
  • vessels made of other metal alloys, e.g. inconel, monel, hasteloy, are available for specialty applications, like supercritical water

Quick Open / Close Endcaps for Large Scale High Pressure Vessels

Large Scale High Pressure Vessel
Large Scale High Pressure Vessel

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