Spe-ed SFE Mini-Max

Dual-Process Oven-based Extraction System


The Spe-ed SFE-MiniMax offers two methods of processing samples - samples with a larger percent of extract and samples with only trace amounts of extract.


Spe-ed SFE-MiniMax - Mini


The "Mini" side of the Spe-ed SFE-MiniMax is used for the direct collection of your trace extract for analytical determination. Contamination is rigidly controlled.


  • with shortened pathways
  • with filters to eliminate contaminants from the CO2
  • with more filters to guard against any instrument components possibly causing contamination


Spe-ed SFE-MiniMax - Max


The "Max" side of the Spe-ed SFE MiniMax is the standard method used on the Applied Separations line of SCF instruments. Control the flow of your extract with the micrometering valve.

Spe-ed SFE MiniMax Collection Accessory for direct collection of extract.

Spe-ed SFE MiniMax - Mini

Spe-ed SFE Mini/Max - Max for flow control

Spe-ed SFE MiniMax - Max

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