Subcritical Water | Uses for Supercritical Fluids

Add Subcritical Water to Your

Supercritical CO2 System


Why Subcritical H2O


  • Substitute for ethanol & polar solvents
  • Lower energy than steam distillation
  • All natural processing platform - complimentary with SC-CO2
  • Non-toxic
  • Inexpensive
  • Readily obtained
  • Easily disposed of
  • Sample does not need to be dried
  • Variable polarity (e)
  • Subcritical Water and Supercritical CO2 in ONE System

 Spe-ed SFE Helix- With Subcritical Water

      Add-On Module


  • Specialty vessel design - safety
  • Static and dynamic operation (100 mL/min)
  • Temperature: 240oC (300oC)
  • Pressures: 690 BAR

Which Supercritical System is Right for My Application?

You've got your method down and it's time to start production.

When you're ready to go, and need a mid-sized system to make it happen.

You have small amounts to process, or you need to perfect your method.

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