Using the interactive touch screen makes programming the  Zephyr HPLC pump easy


Delivery profile can be programmed to

  • accurately deliver up to 100 g/min to as little as 0.01 g/min
  • provide flow-limited pressure control utilizing the internal pressure transmitter

Zephyr High Pressure Pump

- including use for HPLC


High Pressure Pump, including use for HPLC


  • pressures to 900 BAR
  • capable of more than 330 ml/min
  • high pressure mass flow control
  • automated pump provides feedback-controlled flow and pressure control
  • interactive touch screen control
  • built-in safety features
  • safe, easy priming
  • easy stop/start; pick up where you left off







Modifier / Liquid Pump for Supercritical Fluid systems

Zephyr provides feedback control based on the
weight per minute request.



  • it will automatically deliver the desired mass independent of density
  • no specific pressure setting necessary

When the Zephyr is in pressure control mode it can be used to provide a pressure ramp. When liquid is flowing, it can ramp down, as well.


The Zephyr can provide isocratic or multi-step gradient control; and also provide pressure limited flow control by using the included weighing scale under the liquid supply bottle.


This pump can predict how long the supply tank will last in

order to avoid leaving a process overnight and finding the solvent supply bottle empty in the morning.


Internals made with stainless steel with Teflon and UHMW-PE seals.


High Performance    High Quality    Low Cost

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